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The identity of Mioranza wines is the result of its terroir, added to the tradition of family work, investment in modern industrial processes and the passion of winemakers in the constant search for the production of the best wines.

Located in an area of more than 4500sqm and with an annual production of around 10 million liters of wine, Mioranza Winery is proud of its continuous effort to remain active for more than five decades.

pictures: city hall of flores da cunha

Brazil is a country of continental dimensions and as such, it presents great diversity in terms of climate, soil and vegetation. In its geography the humid and sub-humid climate prevails, ideal for the freshest, aromatic and delicate grape varieties and wines that please the profile of the Brazilian consumer.

In the extreme south of Brazil, the city of Flores da Cunha is located, a small municipality where about 30 thousand people live, with predominance of rural families, responsible for the largest grape production in Brazil, especially American varieties.

It is in this small portion of Brazil, known as Serra Gaúcha, that the Altos Montes Region is located, 850 meters above sea level. The grapes grown in this region receive periods of long sunshine, light and dry heat during the summer and adapt well to the harsh winters with intense cold and rain.

Vinicola Mioranza