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Wine, an experience
for all senses

Keeping with its expansion project, Mioranza Winery is committed in attracting and pleasing different types of consumers, that´s why it is constantly innovating and seeking to launch new products on the market every year. The four brothers, Antônio, José, Gabriel and Maximiliano, founding partners of Mioranza, combine tradition with investments in technology and persist in the search for excellence and high quality in their wines.

Thanks to the entrepreneurship of its founders, Mioranza Winery reaches its 50th anniversary in the Brazilian market and continues to transmit the passion for making wine.


Currently, Mioranza Winery distributes its wine production throughout the Brazilian territory and exports to countries in Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia. Their traditional table wines are included in the ranking of the best sellers in Brazil. A type of wine that stands out for meeting the cultural standard of Brazilians who prefer young, clear and bright wines, with rustic aromas and intense palate.

Easy to drink due to its lightness and fruity flavor, table wines from Mioranza Winery are increasingly conquering the international market and are already present in countries on four continents.

Brazil is a country of continental dimensions and as such, it presents great diversity in terms of climate, soil and vegetation. In its geography the humid and sub-humid climate prevails, ideal for the freshest, aromatic and delicate grape varieties and wines that please the profile of the Brazilian consumer.

Vinicola Mioranza